Reverse Engineering Resources

This is my attempt at listing material I used to learn programming and reverse engineering. It is by no means a complete list andd I don’t speak from a place of authority in the topic. Table of Contents Table of Contents Debuggers and Disassembler Monitoring Applications Monitoring Network Traffic Hex Editors Learning material Tutorials Debuggers and Disassembler x64dbg

Reverse Engineering Android Applications - Part 2

In the previous article we set up our analysis environment and now are ready to reverse engineer our first application. While searching for a suitable target for this article, I came across these challenges from OWASP. The ones in the link above become progressively more difficult so they will make good practice.

Reverse Engineering Android Applications - Part 1

A lot has been written on this topic, but a lot of information is either out of date or skipped over important steps, leaving you to piece the rest together from multiple articles, StackOverflow. I’ve had people share this issue and helped a handful of people with it, so I decided to attempt writing a step-by-step that would cover everything needed to get started.

PrestaShop’s ‘EU Cookie Law GDPR (Banner + Blocker)’ SQLi

Description CVE-2022-44727 The PrestaShop e-commerce platform module EU Cookie Law GDPR (Banner + Blocker) contains a Blind SQL injection vulnerability up to version 2.1.2. This module is widely deployed and is a “Best seller” on the add-ons store. This vulnerability permits reading the shop’s database, allowing access to PII, and installing malware such as credit card stealers.

Software Packers - Reverse Engineering Protection and AV Evasion

What even is a packer Once upon a time, we didn’t have high speed network connections which meant downloading software could take a long time. This lead to the creation of so called “software packers”, software which would take a executable and compress it into a self extracting executable.