Reverse Engineering Resources

This is my attempt at listing material I used to learn programming and reverse engineering.

It is by no means a complete list andd I don’t speak from a place of authority in the topic.

Table of Contents

Debuggers and Disassembler

  • x64dbg

  • Ghidra Free and seems to work well from my limited exposure.

  • Binary Ninja - Paid, but priced reasonably, with a student discount. Well worth the money. Has a rather nice API as well. Vector35 now owes me a hoodie.

  • IDA Pro - Prohibitively expensive for hobbyists but it is the best

Monitoring Applications

API Monitor - An easy way to see what API calls aa program makes to the Windows API

Frida - Allows intercepting API calls as well as modify them.

Monitoring Network Traffic

Burp Suite - The community edition is generous and the license isn’t too expensive. Best for HTTP traffic.

mitmproxy - Free and open source, and it’s simple to extend.

Wireshark - Monitors an entire network interface and can be make use of Lua scripts to extend the protocol handling.

Hex Editors

All of these work well, but ImHex and 010 are far more full featured.

Learning material